At KLRF, we empower our people to take decisions. We have a strong code of ethics and a culture of openness and two-way communication. We value people with a strong moral fibre and are an equal opportunity employer.

We value ethics and character over qualifications and provide our workforce every opportunity to grow as individuals and as professionals. With flexible and accommodating policies, leadership development frameworks and an open and accepting work culture, we actively seek to employ the best, knowing they will only get better.

Opportunities at KLRF


Employees can work across different verticals, gaining experience of different business functions, technologies, and processes along the way. We believe well-rounded professionals will always be more capable in executing their roles effectively. This approach also helps to uphold the right spirit of trust and mutual co-operation between various departments.


As a multi-industry company, we welcome professionals from diverse walks of life, educational backgrounds and experience. We also welcome young graduates who are new in their careers, knowing that the right infusion of energy can only come from the younger generation.


We provide our people with the right tools and training to continuously expand their business skills and functional skills. There are regular interactions with management, and opportunities to travel and engage with a wider set of people through seminars, conferences, trade fairs, and exhibitions.

Bring your ideas to life

We are an innovative company. Our innovation culture stems from our flexibility and openness to ideas. By providing our people with opportunity and exposure, we are certain to cultivate the best ideas. We encourage our people to try new technologies, new processes and inventive methods, without fear or favour.

Explore Career Opportunities within the KLRF Group across different business functions, such as Operations, Logistics, Finance, Sales, and Marketing.

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Please write to the respective organization which holds relevance for you and our HR representative will guide you through the application process.


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