Kovilpatti Lakshmi Roller Flour Mills Ltd.,
Kovilpatti Lakshmi Roller Flour Mills Ltd.,  

KLRF with its brand as " Kuthuvilakku " came into existence way back in 1964 with the establishment of 46,800 MT of wheat flour at Gangaikondan in Tamil Nadu, near the southern tip of the Indian subcontinent. KLRF has various credentials in its customer focus services.

» Food Division
with the food division, KLRF has acheived a trademark with its Kuthuvilakku brand and attains rewards for its works.
» Sheet Metal

KLRF Sheet Metal unit has acheived a higher rate of excellence and a good quality awards for its endurance.

» Foundry
KLRF Foundry Division focus its attention towards the perfection and accuracy with modern techniques to show it unique.
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